UK releases “Libraries Deliver: Ambition for Public Libraries in England 2016 to 2021”

In December 2014, the Independent Library Report for England called for a national strategy which articulated what public libraries in England are and why they are a force for good for all citizens. 

In response, and following widespread consultation, the Libraries Taskforce has published Libraries Deliver: Ambition for Public Libraries in England 2016-2021. The report is endorsed and supported by central government and by the Local Government Association.

It sets out a bold and dynamic direction of travel for the next 5 years, describing how library services in England can help transform people, communities and society as a whole. Libraries Deliver: Ambition also provides a confirmation of how libraries support and add value to a range of local and national policy priorities and links to practical examples of existing good practice. It is supported by an action plan, saying what will happen to make the vision a reality.

Source: Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

In addition to the strategic plan, the Libraries Taskforce has posted an Action Plan to 2020, and Progress Reports will be published every six months. A series of outcomes brochures illustrating how libraries deliver on the seven outcomes specified in the report will be published:

  • cultural and creative enrichment
  • increased reading and literacy
  • improved digital access and literacy
  • helping everyone achieve their full potential
  • healthier and happier lives
  • greater prosperity
  • stronger, more resilient communities

Accessible versions of all documents are also available.