Got a Project? Hire an MI Student!

The iSchool at the University of Toronto invites employers to submit proposals to host students enrolled in the Winter 2022 Information Professional Practicum.

Submit your proposal by Friday January 7, 2022.

For questions about the practicum project timeline, project approval, and selection process, please contact the practicum course instructor, Kimberly Silk, at


The Master of Information (MI) student practicum course offers students the opportunity to work on a focused project in organizations where they can apply information management practices and skills to develop competencies required to succeed as an information professional.

  • Students deepen their knowledge, acquire real-world experience, and further their professional practice and conduct skills by learning from working professionals in their chosen field.
  • Employers benefit from energetic contributors who contribute a fresh perspective to the workplace. Hosting a student provides valuable mentorship to future colleagues and contributes to the growth of the information profession.


The Information Professionals Practicum course runs from January to April 2022. Students are required to complete a 105-hour practicum project no later than April 9, 2022.


MI students enrolled in the for-credit practicum course are completing their final year of the program and have completed courses in one or two of their chosen areas of concentration:

  • Archives & Records Management
  • Culture & Technology
  • Critical Information Policy Studies
  • Human Centred Data Science
  • Information Systems & Design
  • Knowledge Management & Information Management
  • Library & Information Science
  • User Experience Design