Library Impact Training

Public libraries make a positive impact on their communities
every day.

Knowing how to evaluate and measure this impact, and how to use data to tell our stories, is crucial to ensuring our stakeholders continue to support public libraries and the people who work in them.

IFLA‘s new and innovative Library Impact Training Program is designed to increase capacity in public libraries to measure, evaluate, and demonstrate the impact of library services.

The training provides actionable knowledge about: 

  • Understanding why using evaluation to demonstrate library impact matters.
  • Identifying community needs.
  • Developing personas to identify gaps in service.
  • Establishing indicators and collecting data about library activities.
  • Creating evidence-based stories to demonstrate impact for stakeholders.

This training is FREE to public libraries and consortia/groups in the United States and Canada and can be delivered online or in-person.

Interested? Contact Jennifer and Kim to learn more.


  1. Evaluating & Demonstrating Impact
  2. Identifying Community Needs
  3. Establishing Outputs & Performance Metrics
  4. Demonstrating Outcomes & Impact
  5. Evidence-Based Storytelling
  • The modular curriculum is fully customizable.
  • Each topic requires approximately three hours of training in an interactive workshop format.

In November 2023, IFLA selected twelve trainers, two per IFLA region, to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to train other librarians and library advocates. Jennifer Peters and Kim Silk are delivering training to libraries and library advocacy groups in the United States and Canada.
Meet the trainers – Measurement, evaluation and demonstrating impact of library services (Nov 14, 2023)

This training is supported by IFLA and Stichting IFLA Global Libraries.

Stichting IFLA Global Libraries.